Best Consumer Electronics Review Websites


I’ve come across many good consumer review websites that deserve more attention. These site make great content but I don’t see them getting the exposure they deserve. In no particular order, this is the top 20 consumer electronics review websites (In addition to this one, of course). Also, this list will be updated periodically so websites will be added or removed based off of what is deemed better.


This website aggregates reviews from multiple sources to find the best reviews in an easy to understand design. I really like this website based off of the ease of use.


With over 30 million product reviews and ratings from all over the internet, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. With reviews ranging from video games to smart phones, this is a great resource to use for consumer electronics reviews.


This is a bit different that conventional review websites. Purchx is an app you can download on your phone that allows you to scan QR and barcodes. When scanned, the app directs you to aggregated reviews from across the web.


This website is a good website to go to for specific tech reviews, such as for smart watches, phones, and cameras. Although Chinavasion is more niche for discounted Chinese tech, it is still extremely useful.


This is the big dog when it comes to consumer electronics reviews. Almost anything you can think of will be on this website.

The Wirecutter

This website is great for personalized reviews of many different things such as headphones and routers. Although for the more technical person, The Wirecutter is still a great place to go for electronics reviews.


This is a great place to go for tech related electronics, such as VR and gaming equipment. This is a modern website for those who need specific website for the more expensive gadgets.

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